According To You

Dear Anna

ive never met you but I hate you

youre an awful human being

and you are not anyone’s friend

when I transfer to tech

you will suffer

Dear Dache

we were friends

but you chose them instead of me

we were close

had memories last year

but now you’ve chosen to betray me

Dear Cj

i love you

Dear Waleska

you could’ve ended it a while ago

by just filming a video

ans confessing

then none of this would’ve happened

Dear Zackery

ive never met you

but I don’t like you

Dear kacee

you said youd help me

but you didnt

and now I’m suffering

Dear Jakob Story

i know your account Is fake

i know your real identity

Dear Megan

you are going to suffer greatly

you called Zack and Waleska ugly

a horrible irrelevant monster


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